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Illustrating Ebola

Illustrating Ebola @ David Goodsell

Chasing Space by Marco Bagni @ Lost Conversation

by Vollkorn Design

by Markos R. Kay

MLN showreel by Kimberly Falk

Bio-NMR by Spronk Studio

Scientific Visualization


Bring science to life!


Visual Science, medical animation

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Concept & Molecular Models
Yan Liang (

CG & Animation
Shanghai Imagehost Digital Technology Co., Ltd (IHDT)
Texturing & Lighting: Liang Zong; Animation: Liang Zong, Shuai Liu, & Jiangjun Kuang; Composting: Liang Zong

Ruozhou Yang & Yunqing Wei of Band Mercy and Sorrow

© 2014 Institute of Advanced Technology, University of Science and Technology of China
© 2014 Tsinghua University Press

Kemin AgriFoods commissioned Cortical Studios to create a film that details the mechanism of action of CLOSTAT. CLOSTAT contains a proprietary, patented bacterial strain of Bacillus subtilis, PB6. PB6 is a unique, naturally occurring spore-forming microorganism. Kemin identified and selected the specific strain of PB6 because it secretes an active substance that helps maintain the balance of microflora in the intestinal tract of poultry and livestock. This film won Cortical Studios the gold world medal at the 2014 New York Festivals - World's Best TV & Films (equivalent of the Oscars for commissioned films) in the category of Instruction & Education and the bronze medal in the category of Animation. In 2013 it was a finalist in the Global Awards with its special focus on science and health care.

Although started in the late 90s, it was in 2006 that The Inner Life of the Cell reached the widest audience on Earth: Youtube.

Originally planned as a classroom tool, Inner Life takes the viewer through many of the inner workings of a leukocyte (or white blood cell) showing many of the cellular structures and organelles along the way. (edited from

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Animation list:

The Inner Life of the Cell
Beautiful Chemical Structures
HIV Model - Visual Science
Protein Expression Study N. 1
Cosmocyte 2014
Inside Kidney Stone Disease
Bio-NMR by Spronk Studio


This space is dedicated to do a colection of the amazing studios' (scientific) animations, for you to appreciate.

On the right, you have the list of animations for an easy browsing through the collection.

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