Fancy a job? Then this section is for you.

Houston, TX, USA | Last seen on Mar 1, 2016

- Mid-Level Web Developer


- Animation or Development Internships

Florida, USA | Last seen on Mar 1, 2016

- Science Associate

- Animator/ FX Artist

- Senior Technical Artist

- Concept Artist

- UI/UX Designer

- Quality Assurance

- Medical Illustrator


Uxbridge, UK | Last seen on March 2, 2016

- 3D modeller

Enschede, NL | Last seen on Mar 1, 2016

- Senior Scientific Animator


- Scientific Animator

Rotherham, UK | Last seen on Mar 1, 2016

- 2D/3D Animator/Generalist/Art Director (Freelance) 






London, UK | Last seen on Mar 1, 2016

- 3D Generalist (Good understanding of colour, lighting, animating, rendering, modeling, etc)

- Interaction Designer (Familiar with/ Interested in topics like VR, AR, Unity, Unreal Engine, Kinect, HoloLens, Processing, TouchDesigner, openFrameworks, etc)



- Scientific Account Director (molecular or cell biology PhD with some editorial experience preferable)
- Account manager


DC, USA; NY, USA; Remote | Last seen on Mar 1, 2016

- Data Visualization Designer


- Motion Graphics Designer


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