It's my pleasure to introduce you to Emanuel, founder of PXLRY, computer animator and storyteller.

It would be great to show you also his latest animation but it's still rendering... So, I guess we'll have to get back to Emanuel in the future again.

Let's see what he told Sciencemotionology in his brief interview.

Emanuel Henné


Founder of

S: When and how did you decide to start making scientific animations?


EH: I started doing scientific/medical artwork when I was studying at the university. Our professor approached me and a fellow student about a job for the local hospital. One of the doctors there created some learning applications for students of medicine and required real-time 3D models of organs.


S: Most studios making scientific animations combine people with a scientific profile with others from an arts background. What’s your background? Did you take a course on design or animation?


EH: I studied design and graduated at Academy of the Arts, with emphasis on computer animation, storytelling and interaction design.