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(This is an excerpt of the interview to Marco Bagni, motion designer @ LostConversation)

Sciencemotionology: Lines, circles, triangles... how do you go from metaphysics | abstract concepts to, let's say, metal and bolts?

Marco: The mathematical beauty of our universe is well known, and the delicate meaning of abstract thoughts need a frame and a canvas to be projected...

Sciencemotionology: How did you first imagine the concept for Chasing Space? Could you tell us a bit more about the process behind the making of this video?

Marco: that is much thanks to Mr. Alan Watts. I’ve always found a piercing truth in his way of being and expressing concepts, including a sense of humor that is, eventually, the key to life. In one of his passages he said:

Make the microscope bigger and bigger, and we will find ever more minute things;

Make the telescope bigger and bigger, and the Universe expands, because it's running away from itself;

It won't do that if you don't chase it!

- so that’s how the concept was born.

Sciencemotionology: What was your main goal with this project?

Marco: I find myself often in awe, realizing the universe within us, how immensely huge and unreachable, and at same time we are part of it. We are it! And our understanding of infinity, how bizarre! we need to dig deep and deep so that we can say it’ deep enough… but somehow with closed eyes and listening to your own breathing, you can realize just as much!

So Chasing Space means: it’s all here, in your hand, nothing more, nothing less.

If you want to read the entire interview to Marco,

Chasing Space
Chasing Space
Chasing Space
Marco Bagni's workplace
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