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A new category has started: Articles. A weekly article will be published. The first one is called "Scientific Animation: the basics". 

Featuring | LostConversation

Jan 19, 2017

LostConversation got in touch with Sciencemotionology! And we talked about metaphysics, from Berlin to Asia.

Interviewing Marco Bagni, an italian Motion Designer at Lost Conversation, where Marco lets us know more about the intersection between art, science and metaphysics.

Jan 19, 2017

Do you think you know everything there is to know about immunology? Check it out with the boardgame pathogenesis!

Blog | Beauty vs accuracy

Jan 18, 2017

How accurate are scientific animations? Are there compromises to be made to please the eye? Take a look on this invited blog post... 

Sciencemotionology interviewed Gaël McGill, CEO of Digizyme and Faculty of Harvard Medical School, about his and his team's work in scientific visualization and the launch of his recent platform Clarafi.

David Goodsell was the overall winner of the Wellcome Image Awards 2016, aiming at highlighting the best scientific imagery being made today. Sciencemotionology asked a couple of questions to David about his work and about what this award represents to him.


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“Such a great site! Nice to see the visualization industry in science and healthcare today -- great idea to compile and explore them all in one site. Very helpful to know."

Frank / New York City, USA

"Your page is a very good resource and I am surely going to make use of it."

Chris Spronk / Founder and Director of Spronk Studio / Vilnius, Lithuania

“It's amazing and very useful."

Laura Blanco Sobero / Founder and CEO of Biond Science & Communication / Valencia, Spain

Marco Bagni, motion designer @ LostConversation

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