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Sciencemotionology went to the movies

The spark that ignites my curiosity is the process behind making this movie.

Of course it was impressive to watch the movie on an IMAX theatre. The powerfull soundtrack, the trepidation of my chair increasing the thrill and the vast darkness synergistically engaged myself into watching the movie. But the thing that most amazes me is the production behind the movie.

To think about the discussions that took place before making the movie, putting ideas into paper, writing the script, creating the first sketches, going from paper to screen, creating prototypes of the spaceship, animating the first scenes, connecting the dots, casting the actors and getting them excited about the ideas behind the movie... and the list goes on!

And to know that animation is there too to increase the fun!

Do you what I'm talking about? Which movie?

And the music! Wow! I'm listening to it over and over on youtube:

It's worth the watch. Perhaps even for a second time...

I'll leave you with the trailer too:

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