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"a means to an end to make cool stuff" this was the catchy phrase that I kept in my mind while watching this video from Atomic Fiction Co-Founders, Kevin Baillie and Ryan Tudhope.

Of course, while adding more resources on sciencemotionology website, for you to know they exist in the market, I would also like to say all the features of all of them, and how one is better for one thing or the other. But as I'm still learning how to use a couple of these software, I can't really say that much about everything. Instead, I let the experts talk about their experience with each software they use. In this case about NUKE, MODO & MARI, from The Foundry.

And if they talk about other things that I like - such as making some of the scenes of Star Trek or making microscopic stuff look cool, even better!

So, here's the video I was watching right now. Enjoy!

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