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A killer - I tell you!!

The Flow.

This amazing work is part of Resonance, a collaborative project with over 30 independent visual and audio designers/studios.

"The evolutionary play of quarks and electrons resulted in nuclei and atoms. The computational outburst of atoms resulted into molecules and star systems. The intricate relationships between molecules created the fascinating entities of DNA, proteins and membranes. The interplay of which created the many species of cells, which through an inherent need to reduce their entropy and ensure their propagation would congregate into organs and advanced interacting organisms. These organisms would grow interfaces that would mirror their predecessors, and in a game of survival of the fittest would evolve complex processing capabilities creating virtual worlds, artifacts and cultural codes." - by Markos R. Kay, digital artist based in London

The full collaborative project can be seen here:

This ensemble of work is a killer!! A killer - I tell you!!

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