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Maya is driving me nuts!

A friend of mine, João, told me a few months ago "You know, Bruno and André tried it and they quickly quit it. It's quite hard and has a very frustrating learning curve." Of course, he was talking about Maya.

So I set myself to build a hand. An army of hands actually. I'll let you know what for, later on the story. So, the first thing was to find pictures of hands. Like The Thing, from the Adams family.

The first one I did didn't have the movement I wanted. It wasn't rigged. Didn't have joints or anything else. But it like hoovering on a skate! Cool! But not cool enough...

Then I thought - I have to make something more realistic, something to which I can add some joints and then if I rig it, then I can change the shape into any shape I want in order to build my army or hands. I got some more detailed photos of hands, with bones and everything.

I watched a couple of tutorials about how to make hands. The issue is usually the thumb. Some people make it in parts, the core with the thumb and the other fingers to assemble later on. I did it in one piece.

After spending some time looking at my own hand in the air in front of my eyes and rotating it.

And then I thought - now, wouldn't it be better if I could simply scan it? And then I looked online for 3D scanners. Found it. Cost? Over 500€ to get a simple scanner... I guess it's not the right time... back to modeling.

Now I want to have a left hand. Simple - I'll just mirror the right hand. Done. The only problem is that I had some joints on the right hand, and these were not "mirrored"...arggghhhh. Second problem - how to separate boths hands? This is my greatest problem - never ending troubleshooting. Let's get some help... later.

Next step - I want to duplicate my hand while having joints in it. Possible? Why not? Maybe I'm just trying to do everything at the same time...

I just got to the stage where I have two hands, but still missing my army of hands. And after that, I'll need to set the battlefield.

Along with the heart that I made some time ago. I'll keep on trying. Got to watch a few more tutorials... I guess it's time for a piece of my own chocolate cake. Maybe I'll put a chocolate texture on one of the hands...

Humm, chocolate...

Leaving with you with some hand tutorials:

Let the fun begin! I'll finish the chocolate cake for you...

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