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Did you hear about KLIK Festival?

Guess where I was during last week, for a few days?

Right on the button! I was at KLIK! AMSTERDAM ANIMATION FESTIVAL, as a volunteer to carry out with some heavy dutty stuff!

Among all the heavy stuff, getting "bean bags" and bread for everyone, I also got to watch some (really) crazy animations, such as We Bare Beards (soft),

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 14.01.05.png

from Daniel Chong (USA) or Lumberjacked (not so soft), from Joel Mckenzie (Canada), and even The Obvious Child (really hard core stuff, not suitable for the kindly hearted - I would say), from Stephen Irwin (UK).

I'll leave you with Lumberjacked and a trailer from The Obvious Child for you to appreciate. Enjoy!

Lumberjacked, from Joel Mckenzie (Canada):

The Obvious Child, from Stephen Irwin (UK):

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