Did you hear about KLIK Festival?

Guess where I was during last week, for a few days?

Right on the button! I was at KLIK! AMSTERDAM ANIMATION FESTIVAL, as a volunteer to carry out with some heavy dutty stuff!

Among all the heavy stuff, getting "bean bags" and bread for everyone, I also got to watch some (really) crazy animations, such as We Bare Beards (soft),

from Daniel Chong (USA) or Lumberjacked (not so soft), from Joel Mckenzie (Canada), and even The Obvious Child (really hard core stuff, not suitable for the kindly hearted - I would say), from Stephen Irwin (UK).

I'll leave you with Lumberjacked and a trailer from The Obvious Child for you to appreciate. Enjoy!

Lumberjacked, from Joel Mckenzie (Canada):

The Obvious Child, from Stephen Irwin (UK):

#klikfestival #animation

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