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Stand Up To Cancer!

Stand Up To Cancer! It's payback time!

They couldn't be too cute - they are cancer cells for crying out loud! This was one of the concerns of the creative team who created this short-animation-dash-promo for Channel 4's (UK) Stand Up To Cancer comedy night, which took place last October 17th.


It was part of a partnership between Channel 4 and Cancer Research UK in order to help the fundraising campaign "Stand Up To Cancer! It's payback time!" (which is still ongoing, by the way) and have a laugh while doing it. It's meant to say that the fight on cancer continues. But this time, it's cancer cells who should be afraid - humans are coming!

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 19.50.33.png

Guess how much time it took to create this 2-minute animation. About one year... If you're doing animation it's not a new fact that this really takes time to make. Coming up with a concept, drawing first sketches, writing a script, building scenarios, designing characters that are not "too cutesy or too grotesque" - here I'm quoting Alan Brief from Computer Arts.


For all creatives and people like me, starting in this world of animation, it's always nice to know which software the creative team used - Modo and After Effects for matte painting to create the background sets.


Find out more about this campaign, Cancer Research UK and cancer in general on:


Agency: 4Creative


Creative directors: Chris Bovill, John Allison Creative: Pablo Gonzalez de la Pena Agency producer: Shananne Lane Directors: Smith & Foulkes Production company: Nexus Producer: Tracey Cooper Live action production company: 4Creative Live action director: Keith McCarthy Editor: Paul Hardcastle, Trim Sound design: Anthony Moore, Dan Beckwith, Tom Joyce, Factory Music production company: Siren

nexus productions.jpg

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