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Creating a 3D heart at home...

There are several scientists doing in vitro 3D cell cultures to mimic the real environment inside our body, in order to better understand cellular behavior. This can lead to breakthroughs in cancer research, for instance.

Me, I'm just making a 3D heart as part of a project for my 3D graphics course... It's not finished but (hopefully) nearly there - needs some twitches here and there, and some parts might not be in the right position...yet.


After this heart, I already have some kidneys, lungs, a liver (well, I meant it to be like a regular polygon so I guess it's quite alright...) and some more body parts on the way to make my very own unconventional chess set. Yes - chess set.

And i'm using Maya, by the way.

I'll keep you posted!



#3dmodeling #3dheart

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